We perform puppy tests!

110 What is a puppy test and why is it done?

If we start with why, it is done to see how a puppy handles different "made up" situations. The result of this can provide the breeder with a hint of wich puppy will suit wich buyer. If I, through these tests, can tell wich puppy is "strong" and wich puppy is "weak" in one or several situations it might help me as a breeder to give individual advice about this particular puppy. One can also use the test later on by comparing it to the MH (swedish mentality descritpion) that the dog hopefully will go through later in life. The test is also good for upcoming litters of similar combinations.

Ofcourse you as a breeder have the skills and knowledge to read your own dogs and puppies but maybe because of that it might be a good experience to let an objective person confirm what you have seen in the litter, and perhaps point to other aspects of an individual that you haven't thought about or noticed! The puppy test should be seen as a compliment to what the breeder himself/herself has experienced.

How is a puppy test performed?

  • A, for the litter unknown, person tests the puppies one by one in an undisturbed environment.
  • The breeder must not be involved in the test but must stay in the background.
  • The test is performed as close to the 49th day as possible, before that the puppy is not evolved enough and afterwards it is in a highly sensitive period.
  • This thest is done in this early age to get results based as far as possible on inherited attributes, instead of getting results affected by environment and how the dog has been raised.
  • The puppy is put through 10 different situations where such things as social abilities, will to chase and dominance is tested, among other things. Everything the puppy does and how it reacts is noted by a 6 degree scale wich the test leader then reads and interprets before it is handed to the breeder.

If you are interested in this test for your puppy litter - don't hesitate to get in touch with us!