Puppy tests

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Breeding goals

Our goal is mentally and physically healthy and sound miniature schnauzers!212
We want our miniature schnauzers to look and act like minaiture schnauzers should - in other words, as close to breed standard as possible!

For us, the foxus is on the mental part and that the dogs should have a fur that is wired, as the breed standard says. All our dogs will go through the swedish mentality description - MH.

Before we even consider breeding, there's many things that need to be right. Both the bitch and male will follow the recommendations regarding eye health, and atleast get a "1" on an official dog show.  Preferably both parents will go thorugh a mentality description, and be healthy, sound and in good condition.

If the male and bitch then like eachother, there'll be a mating and hopefully about 2 months later some puppies will be born!

If you buy a puppy from Drömfångaren it'll have been brought up in the house with us and the dogs living here.
When it is olf enough to leave, it will have had access to a puppy space where there has been numerous different things that makes sounds, tilts, rocks and tunnels to run through etcetera. All this to make sure the puppy has had a chance to get used to as many things as possible that it might encounter later on in life.

We have chosen to put the puppy paddock in our yard near the road where both cars, people, children and dogs pass by during the day. This also ensures that the puppies get to see, smell and get used to different things in an early age together with calm, harmonious adult dogs.

When you collect your puppy, earliest at 9 weeks of age, the puppies will also have had a chance to try out leash walking and riding in a car. After this, it's your turn to handle the socialization! Hopefully though, te puppy will already have come a bit on the way.210

You will get a puppy that is chipped and dewormed.

You will also get:

* Proof of vaccination
* Proof of registry from SKK
* Veterinary papers no older than 7 days
* Food and advice for the first time with you
* SKK buying contract
* Fur care brochure
* Hidden fault insurance

We also offer puppy courses and other dog courses as we run Skövde Hundskola (Skövde Dog School) www.skovdehundskola.se).

We chose our puppy buyers with great care and make sure to, already from the start, tell you about the responsibility that comes with buying and owning a miniature schnauzer.

We try to find the puppy buyers that are looking for a family member in the shape of a dog, those that love their dogs and make sure they get a meaningful life! For us, it is very important that the dogs end up in homes where they get both lots of love as well as mental and physical activation.

If you feel that the miniature schnauzer is the right dog for you, and are prepared to view it as a  family member for perhaps 15-16 years - please get in touch!

Don't hesitate to ask if there's anything you're wondering about!

To consider when buying a puppy

There is ofcourse lots of things one could write here, and one of them is how important it is to find a serious breeder that you can trust! A breeder that will help you find the right dog and whom will give you the guarantees one can give to make sure it is a purebred miniature schnauzer and that is is raised by the rules of SKK and SSPK. If you buy an unregistered miniature schnauzer puppy, you're buying a mixed breed dog as a pedigree-less dog is considered not purebred.

Only puppies registered in SKK (The Swedish Kennel Club) are considered purebred miniature schnauzers. If they are sold as unregistered puppies after healthy, x-rayed, mentally sound dogs and you can't find anything wrong with the puppy/combination - then why haven't they registered it? There will be many arguments to why the litter isn't registered - question them. You as a puppy buyer cna never register separate individuals afterwards, the whole litter needs to be registered by the breeder. If you buy an unregistered puppy and are interested in competing, you must keep in mind that the accessability to different types of competitions is very limited for unregistered dogs. A breeder that takes his or her responsibility will not want to limit the puppies to a less active life. The breeders who choose not to register their puppy litters are not affected by the SKK ground rules for breeders, neither are they affected by the consumer buying law. An SKK breeder who register their puppies has a responsibility over the puppy even after the delivery. You as a buyer of an unregistered miniature schnauzer will get much less protection and the breeder will not have as much responsibility towards you (or the puppy).

A breeder with a registered kennel has among other things these responsibilities:

  • To follow the SKK breed guide lines104
  • To deliver vaccinated, ID-marked and, by veterinary health, checked dog
  • Not to deliver puppy before 8 weeks of age
  • To deliver the puppy with buying contract from SKK
  • To deliver puppy with pedigree
  • To follow the breeds health standards
  • To always leave correct information
  • To make sure the puppy has had a good upbringing during the 8 weeks it spends at the breeder
  • The ground rules for SKK breeders can be found here: http://www.skk.se/pdf/regler/grundregler06.pdf

A breeder who sells unregistered puppies might be a breeder who has been excluded from SKK, in that case they have been found to break one or several of the SKK ground rules or the breeding animals might have been given breeding bans.

There are also so called 'puppy factories' where they manufacture their own pedigrees wich are in no way related to SKK. Our recommendations are always to turn to the Swedish Kennel Club or Swedish Schnauzer Pinscher Club when you are planning to buy a puppy!

Good luck and don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions!