Why chose a miniature schnauzer?

It wasn't obvious for me, after my first miniature schnauzer, to chose the same breed again.

I got Totte - who was my first miniature schnauzer when I was 15 - and he went on to be 15 years old! Healthy and sound to the last day of his life and we competed in agility, obedience and blood tracking! He absolutely loved blood tracking and was a real star at it, he did his last track 14 years and 8 months old.86

When he died, I and everybody who knew him, mourned. I thought to myself that I would never find such a perfect miniature schnauzer, so I'd have to change breed. But, lots of kennel visits later, looking through dog breed books and visiting breed clubs, I realised that the miniature shcnauzer truly was the perfect dog for me AND for lots of other people as well.

Due to its size it is very easy to keep, and wven though it is a somewhat overused expression it is "a big dog in a small package", it will gladly follow on long walks every day but is happy even if you don't have the energy for it. You can easily train obedience, agility, tracking and searchin etc. Just tricks and such is also appreciated, as long as you activate your miniature schnauzer it is happy and content.

Another great advantage with the miniature schnauzer is the fur. As the trimming breed it is it does not shed as long as you take care of the fur as you are supposed to. This means that you trim (tug away the dead hairs) on your dog about 4 times a year. If you want to show your dog it'll be a bit more often. Between these trimmings one must comb your dog about 15 minutes every other day. Naturally we will give you advice and help with this and a bit more if you chose to buy a puppy from us!

The impression of a miniature schnauzer should be a small, sturdy, wirehaired, elegant and compact dog. It should be a copy of the schnauzer but smallet without looking dwarfish. They are clever, brave, quick to learn and on their guard.

A typical  trait with the schnauzer/pinscher dogs is their reserved way towards strangers. There is no fear or aggression in this trait, they just want to form an opinion about the person before accepting him or her. Ofcourse this depends much on the individual dog and how it is raised by its owner. It is an active dog but in return it is very calm indoors.

Read more about the miniature schnauzer breed standard at: http://kennet.skk.se/rasinfo/pdf/FCI183.pdf (Swedish)

I hope you enjoy looking through our pages and reading about us and our dogs - don't hesitate to get in touch with us if there is anything you are curious about!