Who are we?



I, Ulrika, is an IMMI dog psychologist, http://www.immi.nu/,
and also an instructor within several different disciplines.
I also run Skövde Hundskola, http://www.skovdehundskola.se/, together with my husband Conny.

Conny is the one who runs all the administrative, economical and the photographing within the company.
He has his favorite dog Lava,SE VCH Ugly Duckling's Zoom On Me,
wich he does both obedience and blood tracking with.
The dogs considers him the best forest walker and play buddy...


We and our dogs live in Skövde, between Vänern and Vättern. The dogs we keep at home are our stud dog DKUCH SEVCH New Era's Dreamcatcher (read more about him under "TinTin") and our female SE VCH Ugly Duckling's Zoom On Me (whom you can read about under "Lava").

Myltans Grand Slam (read more about her under "Isa") lives with our "fodervärd" in Lidköping where also our czech import, SEUCH DKUCH Ancient Wisdom Goldton (read more about her under"Iris") resides.

Spring 2010 our kennel got a new addition in little MacLink's It's My One Million Dollar Baby. She is co-owned with kennel MacLink. Hopefully you'll see more of her both in the show rings and tracking competitions.

After the litter autumn 2010 we keep two little females - Drömfångaren Timida Isadora - "Doris" - who lives with a woundeful couple in Vänersborg and Drömfångaren Talangfulla Inza - "Inez"- who lives in a 2 childs family in Vinninga.

I've had miniature schnauzers since I was 15 years old, that was when I got my Totte or Mix Design Chateau Dauzac. You can read more about him under "In memory". There has never really been another breed for me. My husband on the other hand grew up with St Bernards and grand danois dogs so there was some discussions when we decided to start a kennel... BUT kennel Drömfångaren started in 2007 as a natural consequence of our genuine interest and experience with dogs.

Our kennel name

The name is, ofcourse, taken from my precious DKUCH SEVCH New Era's Dreamcatcher! The english name was taken but since we are a swedish kennel we decided to use the swedish word for "dreamcatcher" - drömfångaren!

Our dogs

We consider the dogs as family members and treat them with respect and love. We care alot about our dogs mental exercise so apart from long daily walks in both city and forest, we activate our dogs by training tracking, obedience, tricks and so on. We also make sure that the puppies we sell come to homes where they are given both mental and physical exercise, as well as lots of love!



Ulrikas education


  • Instruktör,SBK -92
  • Agilityinstruktör,SBK -93
  • Mentaltest figurant,M1 M2 -07
  • Problemhundskonsult,Hundens hus -06-07
  • -Problembeteende - orsak och verkan
  • -Etologi,hundens språk och beteende
  • -Fördjupad raskunskap,
  • -Metodik,inlärningspsykologi
  • -Klickerträning
  • -Stress och dess inverkan på djur
  • -Pedagogik,psykologi,och intervjuteknik
  • Seminarium med vargforskaren Runar Naess -07
  • Etologi-vargen/hundens språk och beteende
  • Kantarellsöksinstruktör, Hundens Hus -07
  • Rallylydnadsinstruktör, Hundens Hus -07
  • Hund för alla, Studiefrämjandet -08
  • Seminarium med Kerstin Malm, Björn Forkman & Kenth Svartberg, SBK -08
  • Trim och handlingkurs, Cindy Pettersson -09
  • Helgkurs i "Inlärning, Hundars personlighet och Relation människa/hund",
  • Kenth Svartberg -09
  • Uppfödarutbildning Steg 2, Dvärgschnauzerringen -09
  • Föreläsning "God Munhälsa", leg. vet. Håkan Ekesbo, Blå Stjärnans
  • Djursjukhus -09
  • Föreläsning " Fästingar och fästingburna sjukdomar" , leg.vet. Birgitta
  • Lövdahl, Blå Stjärnans Djursjukhus -09
  • Föreläsning - Ditt beteende - framgångsfaktor eller fälla, Jörgen Ålebring,
  • Sensus -09
  • Trimkurs forts, Cindy Pettersson -09
  •  Inlärning hos hund med Kenth Svartberg -10
  •  "Din hund är en varg men vem är du" & "Hundar i flock" Runar Naess -10
  •  Trimkurs Susanne Andreasson, Kennel Maclink -10
  •  3 dagars Handlerkurs Gerard O`Shea -11
  •  "Stress och inlärning" med Per Jensen -11
  •   "Vad stress gör med inlärningsförmågan" med Björn Forkman -11
  •  "Aggression" with Runar Naess -11

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